For All Types of Hair and Styles

Looking for a product that is good for all hair styles and can be used on all types of hair? Look no further, Esirg Hair Food, the Original Hair Food; for over fifty years is your answer. It doubles as a hair and scalp conditioner and finishing creme.


Do You Need An Answer for Your:

.. Dry, Brittle hair
.. Dry, Itchy Scalp
.. Split Ends
.. Over-Processed Hair

For the best results, Esirg Hair Food should be used as recommended. Place a small amount (dime size) into the palm of the hand.  Rubbing your hands together proceed to apply evenly throughout the hair.  You can then brush your hair to the desired style.  Esirg Hair Food is excellent for a dry, itchy scalp.  When using the product on the scalp, apply small amounts and then gently massage the scalp.  It will absorb into the scalp and hair readily.

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