Laser Hair Care Treatments: The Newest Technology

Laser hair care treatments are being used to improve hair coloring, perms and intensive hair shaft treatment and conditioning. The laser hair care shaft treatment more then any other light or treatment procedure will penetrate through the cortex of the hair shaft. These treatments are sealed deeply within the hair and the conditioners that are normally on the hair’s surface are microsized and driven all the way through the cortex.

The laser hair care procedure that is used for color is a single process applicator where the hair color is actually applied and processed with the laser for the usual processing time. The laser hair color process reduces fading dramatically especially red colors. This laser hair care procedure also adds shine.

Perms last extremely longer when used with the laser hair care procedure. The laser is used for neutralizing only. Conditioners offer the excellent all around treatment when used with laser hair care therapy. The laser hair care treatment can be used one to two weeks after any chemical service. A five week program is usually encouraged by most salons for over processed, sun damaged or otherwise unhealthy hair.


The laser hair care process has not been approved to be used in the United States. For these treatments to become a medical device for benefiting the person with hair loss or problem hair they must be proven safe for use. There has been a great deal of claims for the benefit of these laser hair care treatments, but the consumer must know what he has bargained for and that it does cause him any undo risk.

A low laser hair care therapy has claimed to work for hair loss by supplying energy to the body in the form of non-thermal photons of light. For the body to actually be able to absorb and transform the energy, certain parameters have to be defined such as wavelength of the light energy, dosage and treatment time with various techniques.

For a laser, the wavelength of light is very important since the wavelength will ultimately decide the penetration depth in the target tissue. So one can see it is very important to research and understand all the different elements in laser hair care treatments. Whether you use this process for coloring, perms, conditioning or hair growth you must completely understand what you are using. The word laser itself means high energy technology and the consumer should be grossly aware of this risk.

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