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Cute Curly Hair Styles

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Beautiful Faces of Black Women 2

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Hair Styles for Mixed Hair – Do It Yourself Hair Dos

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Conventional wisdom has the shape of the face dictating hairstyle. An oval face can supposedly wear any style. A triangular one requires volume around the chin to “fill in” the triangle. An angular face, square or rectangular, will have its angles softened with curls. A long face will look fuller with layers around the face. And a round face can give the illusion of angles with short hair with or without bangs. But the overall look is more important than the shape of the face. A high forehead doesn’t necessarily require bangs. A round face can wear hair pulled back. Women past “a certain age” won’t always look better with their hair cut short. Over the years there have been the so-called “hair rules” and then the most stunning women would break them all and look absolutely fabulous.

How? By “restyling” the rules for the way we want to look now. Things to remember:

It is not the shape of the face that counts but the size of the face: Proportion is the key. This one is simple. Too much hair surrounding a small face can be overwhelming. You can wear long hair, but keep it close to the head and neat. Fill out a very narrow face by choosing a style with fullness on the sides. A larger face can carry “bigger” hair, but downplay volume on the sides to reduce the fullness of a very round or very square face.

Your neck and shoulders support the style: Consider the contours. Don’t rely on your makeup mirror to assess your style. For this you need a full length, two-way mirror, to see whether the look “fits” the rest of you-your neck and your shoulders. In general, if your shoulders are wide, shoulder-length or longer hair balances and melds into the width. Huge curly hair can overpower narrow shoulders. A long neck is great, and can take any type of hairstyle. A shorter neck usually looks better with short hair or longer hair pulled back. This is not to say you can never have long hair; just be sensitive to the mirror-front and back–when deciding.

Work with your texture, not against it: The choice of style also depends on texture; you’ll have a much easier time if you choose a style that lets hair do what it wants naturally.

As a rule, fine hair has an overall appearance of softness, which can be very feminine and appealing. It should be layered slightly, even if the final look is to be blunt; this will give an appearance of thicker hair, whether it’s long or short. A soft body wave adds fullness, and hair coloring also give fine hair more body and makes it look thicker. Try thickening shampoos.

Coarse hair, where each strand is thick, is usually thick itself and has an overall heavy look: hair that makes a statement. It can have a mind of its own and even stick out in spots. Here, cut is everything and a cut that shapes the face will also help to control the hair. Even if you’re after the look of a blunt cut, a very subtle layering will encourage the hair to “lie down” where it’s suppose to. Coloring will soften the texture by filling in and smoothing out the cuticle.

Straight hair can be thick or thin and when it is in perfect, shiny condition, gives the impression of a shimmering sheet of hair. A straight, blunt cut to the length you decide is best. For movement, look into a body wave. Curlers will help to add height, and you can also give soft curls-more body-with pin-curl clips, bobby pins or by sleeping on sponge rollers.

Curly hair is perhaps the most versatile. You can blow-dry it straight, use rollers of various sizes to adjust the natural curl-or let it go soft and curly on its own. As for the cut, blunt or soft layers work equally well.

Lifestyle affects hairstyle: Such movie stars as Goldie Hawn, Sharon Stone and Julia Roberts go for a sexy just-out-of-bed look, a look, by the way, that takes hours and many visits to the hairdresser to keep up. They’re actresses and the look is a dramatic expression of what they do. But would Diana Ross’s beautiful long tresses work for her if she were a banker? Probably not. Would Jackie Kennedy have been such a graceful First Lady with Farah Fawcett hair? Definitely not. Would Diane Sawyer choose a pixie for national TV? No. When choosing a style, the question to ask yourself is: Who am I? Where will I be “wearing” my hair? Who’s going to see it? Common sense will probably tell you to stick with a simple, easy-to-maintain style whatever length you choose and save the flourishes for evening.

The long and short of it: Contrary to what many people believe-and what some women who cut their hair short without thinking it through come to know all to well-very short hair is not always the easiest solution, and is often not the most flattering. Just cutting it all off into a no-style cut does nothing to flatter anyone. Hair needs styling, not just cutting, and short hair requires spiking on top for height or bangs for softness and careful maintenance. It also has to be cut every four to six weeks to keep the style intact. Very short hair also shows facial lines and wrinkles more. On the other hand, hair below shoulder length generally has a tendency to drag a woman’s’ face down as she gets older. For most of us, in between- a little shorter here, a little longer there-works best. How to tell before making a fateful mistake?

Test before going longer or shorter: Try wigs before taking any big steps-cutting short, growing long, coloring-and use a full length mirror to analyze the perspective new look from every angle. This is the only way to judge the proper proportion of your hair to your individual shape.

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Beautiful Natural Hair

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Hair Care to Avoid and Never Use

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

The hair care industry grosses about $19 billion annually. This says a lot about how people feel about their hair and how they want it to look. Just like any other part of our bodies we want our hair to look naturally healthy, and beautiful. This is why people will go to such great lengths and do almost anything to get the hairstyle or texture that they want.

By walking down the hair aisle at any grocery or drug store you can see the amount of hair care products on the market. From shampoo to conditioners, to coloring, moisturizing, straightening and curling sprays, gels, creams, oils or foams, these products promote silky, healthy, gorgeous hair. However, once you get the product home, your hair falls flat, dry and frizzy. Most of the promises that hair care products offer are a load of bunk. Although, even if you are buying the right hair care products this doesn’t mean that you are keeping up with the basic hair care guidelines.

It’s amazing what people will try to get their hair to look good. Throughout the years you have heard of hair care faux pas that people make however, even after people hear about these mistakes they still try it or continue to do it with their own hair. But all they really need to do is follow the basic guidelines of hair care, use the right hair care products and their hair would be beautiful and healthy, like the way they want it.

Here are a list of hair care don’ts, some of which you have heard of, some which you may be using, and some that just seem out of this world. If you are doing this to your hair, stop it immediately and you will notice a change in the way your hair feels and looks.

1. Never us a clothing iron to straighten your hair. Whoever thought of using a clothing iron to straighten their hair, probably thought they were ingenious at the time but should have quickly realized how bad it was for their hair. It may have been the cool thing to do in the 70’s but now it is just damaging to your hair. Heating tools, especially clothing irons dry out hair and will eventually fry the hair strands. Today flat irons, blow dryers and curling irons are specially designed to straighten, flatten and curl your hair to your desired style.                                

 2. Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet. When your hair is wet it is in its most vulnerable state and can be easily stretched and broken. As well as using a regular brush can be damaging to your hair because it’s prongs are spaced unevenly and sporadically causing hair to go every which way making hair more likely to break. Avoid using a regular brush to brush your hair when it’s wet. Using a wide toothcomb to detangle wet hair is gentler on your hair.

3. Never purchase at home hair color in a box. It may be cheaper, but it’s not worth it to your hair. If you have never experienced using hair color on your own, this is one thing you can avoid. Ask your friends, it never turns out the way you want it and if used incorrectly can damage your hair. Leave the coloring up to the professionals. They know what they are doing and can make it come out the actual way you want it.

4. Avoid excessive coloring too frequently or close together. Because of the chemicals involved in coloring hair, avoid coloring hair excessively in a short period of time. The hair can become over processed by the chemicals and break or fall out. Ask your hair care professional when would be appropriate time to return for your next coloring.

5. Don’t use a clarifying hair product more than once a week. Hair clarifying products are made to be more potent than regular products to strip the hair of daily buildup and residue from the use of other products. If you use clarifying products more than once a week you run the risk of stripping your hair of its natural oils and moisture. This will leave your hair dry and brittle. Consider using a moisturizer when not using a clarifier to return moisture and nutrients back into the hair strands.

6. Avoid over oiling your hair. Although oiling your hair can improve the health and look of your hair it can also be detrimental if overdone. Do not oil your hair more than twice a week. If hair is over oiled it can block the pores within the hair strands which allow nutrients, and oxygen in. Not to mention that too much oil in your hair makes your hair look unwashed. Excessive oil can also cause dust and dirt to stick to hair strands making it dirtier.

7. Never use sun-lightening products. Although the sun can lighten your hair, sun lightening products will actually damage your hair. Lemon juice and sun lightening products will actually cause your hair to break and fall out, so never use them.

8. Avoid over exposure to the sun, chlorine and salt water. The sun, salt and chlorine dries out the hair sucking out the moisture. This leaves the hair without essential oil and nutrients. Hair becomes brittle, weak and lifeless making it easier to break. Always bring a hat, umbrella or sit in the shade when you know you will be exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

9. Don’t use excessive product in your hair. Although it used to be cool to use a ton of product in your hair, now a days stiff locks are just plain not cool. Over use of product leaves residue on your hair strands that build up over time and which regular shampoo can’t remove. This can lead to your hair becoming lifeless and limp. If you must use a product use only enough to style your hair. The objective is to use as little product as possible to make it look like you aren’t using a product at all.

10. Don’t cut your own hair. Even though as a little kid we think its funny to cut our own hair, as an adult it is not the way to go. There is no way of knowing if you are cutting straight or if you cut all of your hair. You will always end up with a mess of uneven strands because there is no way of seeing 360 degrees around your head. Even if you are trying to be cheap in today’s economy you can still get a decent hair cut for about $15 which isn’t a lot, and its worth it. That’s why they are the professionals.

So the next time you want to try something on your hair make sure it follows the hair care guidelines and won’t ultimately damage your hair in the long run. Too much of one thing can be very bad for your hair. And always leave the hard stuff up to the hair care professionals!

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Rihanna Short Hair Styles

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Beautiful Hairstyles for School and Very Cute Hair Styles

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Author: Dr. Lee Mikal

High school students tend to exhibit the widest range of hair styles based on what they will be doing each day.

Students with gym classes or after school sports will need styles that are quick and easy to manage or that can easily be converted into no-nonsense looks for athletic participation.

Many high school students are also interested in fast hair styles that may let them sleep in a bit longer each day, especially if they work after school jobs that may keep them up late.

Students involved in lab science classes such as chemistry, physics, or biology will need hair styles that can be safely worn around chemicals, flames, and other laboratory equipment.

Longer back to school hairstyles for teenage girls include long pin straight hair, also known as sedu, long loose waves, especially with the hair pushed back behind the ear, and ponytails for ease of use.

These longer hairstyles can feature bangs, long layers or be blunt cut to all one length. Long, one-length hair for boys is currently out of style, but longer hairstyles with layers for boys are appropriate and acceptable.

Back to school hair . . . have you thought about what to do with your hair? Maybe you haven’t but as your on-line dresser, I’ve been thinking of you – and what you will be up against.

Back to school hair means you will less time each morning to fuss over hair styling. You’ll need quick easy, no fuss hairstyle that hopefully will look great and be flattering.

Keep it simple–Your hairstyle should work with your hair type not against it . . . end the battles and go with the natural grain of your hair.

Curly Hairstyles

Once you learn how to treat curly hair, styling can be quite simple. You may have to style it the night before if you don’t have time to let it dry after a shampoo in the morning.

After shampooing and conditioning curly hair, the best way to dry it is to let it air dry. If you need to speed up drying time, use low heat on a diffuser dryer. Diffused heat won’t create the frizz that direct, high heat will.

Once curls are set, leave them alone. Do not comb or brush; that creates frizz. Let them cascade down your back or take a front section and pin in back if you want to keep hair out of your face.

Long Hair

Long hair is a very stylish and youthful choice. If you have extremely long hair it is best to get layers cut into it to keep it from becoming to lifeless.

With moderate layers throughout you will ensure your hair always looks full. There are quite a few options to consider when you have long layered hair but most take a bit of time and effort.

One easy style is the low double ponytail. Part your hair in the middle and comb it smooth to either side just below the ear.

Pull hair into a ponytail and brush ends. This shows off your hair while keeping it manageable.

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Bi Racial Hair Care Products and Treatments

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Each and Every person would have different hair style. And based on the strength and body condition, the strength of the hair will also vary for each person, hence there are lots of hair care products in the market for various kinds of hair. The some of the hair care products which are generally used Hair Oils, hair Creams, Hair lotions, Hair Conditioner, Hair Relaxer, Hair Shampoo, etc. These products will help your hair to be strengthen and save from dust, pollutions, etc. There are lots of tools to maintain Bi Racial Hair, they are comb with wide tooth, Good moisturizing shampoo, Moisturizing solution, Hot oil treatment, Electrical Heat Cap, etc. These tools will make the hair to be perfect and keep away from hair problems.

Washing biracial hair about once a week is a healthy method. People with biracial hair, will go out frequently because of their business and children with the same hair will play, so they may use to wash their hair frequently, may be thrice or four times a week, and some may wash their hair daily. This will not suit for all the people. The person with biracial hair, who washes their hair daily may lead to dryness of hair and loss strength of the hair. There are different shampoos and oils available in the market to maintain the biracial hair, that too from the branded one. So wash your hair frequently once or twice in a week to make it strengthen. For the children with Biracial hair, who get sweating due to playing, can just rinse the hair in a warm water, condition, and then the normal hair wash.

Then while drying the hair, blot with the towel instead of rubbing vigorously. It’s better to allow the hair to air dry instead of allowing heat for drying. And you can also use conditioning cap to drive some of the moisture out before blasting the hair with forced hot hair. Some of the biracial hair doesn’t support hair oils but upto my knowledge, hair oil is one of the healthy product to take care of the hair, It gives strength and avoid dryness of hair. There are many online stores that offer all kinds of hair care products and i always prefer,, is the right place where you can find hair care products for all kinds of hair like Black Hair, Biracial Hair, Afro Hair, African Hair, Caribbean Hair, Curly Hair, etc. Hair Body and Mind Offers all Kinds of Hair Products like Hair Relaxer, Hair Shampoo, Hair Conditioner for all kinds of Hair.

More than this, Hair Body and Mind also offer treatments and advices for hair care. That too proper treatment for each type of hair for each person. So get the best hair care products and advices and make your hair healthy and strengthen


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Laser Hair Care Treatments: The Newest Technology

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011
Laser hair care treatments are being used to improve hair coloring, perms and intensive hair shaft treatment and conditioning. The laser hair care shaft treatment more then any other light or treatment procedure will penetrate through the cortex of the hair shaft. These treatments are sealed deeply within the hair and the conditioners that are normally on the hair’s surface are microsized and driven all the way through the cortex.

The laser hair care procedure that is used for color is a single process applicator where the hair color is actually applied and processed with the laser for the usual processing time. The laser hair color process reduces fading dramatically especially red colors. This laser hair care procedure also adds shine.

Perms last extremely longer when used with the laser hair care procedure. The laser is used for neutralizing only. Conditioners offer the excellent all around treatment when used with laser hair care therapy. The laser hair care treatment can be used one to two weeks after any chemical service. A five week program is usually encouraged by most salons for over processed, sun damaged or otherwise unhealthy hair.


The laser hair care process has not been approved to be used in the United States. For these treatments to become a medical device for benefiting the person with hair loss or problem hair they must be proven safe for use. There has been a great deal of claims for the benefit of these laser hair care treatments, but the consumer must know what he has bargained for and that it does cause him any undo risk.

A low laser hair care therapy has claimed to work for hair loss by supplying energy to the body in the form of non-thermal photons of light. For the body to actually be able to absorb and transform the energy, certain parameters have to be defined such as wavelength of the light energy, dosage and treatment time with various techniques.

For a laser, the wavelength of light is very important since the wavelength will ultimately decide the penetration depth in the target tissue. So one can see it is very important to research and understand all the different elements in laser hair care treatments. Whether you use this process for coloring, perms, conditioning or hair growth you must completely understand what you are using. The word laser itself means high energy technology and the consumer should be grossly aware of this risk.

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AntiAging Hair Care Tips and Advice

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

To many women, their hair is a vanity that they couldn’t live without. Why do you think there are so many different kinds of shampoos, conditioners and hair coloring products? First and foremost, gray hair can materialize at any age; it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting old. Gray hair develops because of a drop in pigmentation levels. As we age, our hair does produce less melanin. Melanin is the pigment that also gives our skin its color. Simply, our hair turns gray because of less melanin in the hair follicles themselves.

There are also other problems that can happen when we age. Our hair becomes drier and so will require more moisture. Moisture is the key to any anti aging hair care system. Older hair tends to change in texture and it will also lose elasticity. Some women’s hair will become thinner and lack body while, for others, their hair will appear more dry but coarse. This happens because hair growth slows in relation to the diminishing size of the hair follicle itself. Hence, there is not enough new growth to totally replace what is lost.

Aging hair also tends to lose its natural shine and softness because sebum, necessary oil, which our skin naturally produces, lessens as we age. Menopause, another necessary evil to aging, slows keratin production. Keratin is important to keeping hair strong and healthy looking.

Many women will chose to color their hair to cover gray. It is recommended, though, not to choose a hair color more than two shades lighter or darker than the natural hair color; for example, a too-dark color will emphasize a dull complexion.

For those who choose to keep their gray, good for you! You should wear each and every gray hair as a badge of honor, you deserve it! To help keep softness and body in aging hair, try using a shampoo and conditioner targeted specifically for gray hair. On some people, gray hair can actually appear to have a greenish or yellowish cast to it. If this is the case, there are graying shampoos available that have a violet based color in them. Also, introducing lowlights or highlights into the hair can hide the gray by essentially blending them into the rest of the hair.

All in all, moisturizing is a requirement for anti aging hair care. To help keep the moisture levels stable in the hair, use a deep conditioning treatment weekly. Take care of your hair and it will love you back.


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