Same Esirg Hair Food - New Look!

Recommended for infants and children



🔶Seals in Moisture


✔️ All Hair Textures

Quality hair and skin Care

I have been using esirg for 20 years My hair loves it. great for detangling and keeping moisture 

Isa Delonde

My hair  soaks up oil like a sponge with this hair food a little goes a long way. It is soft and dreamy on my hair and makes beautiful twist outs.

Ayana Haarunn

You need this hair food. My hair is coarse and dry . Hair Food makes it soft and conditioned. We have different textures of hair in my house and we each benefit from using Esirg Hair Food.

Denise Washington

The Cocoa butter Pure Luxury on your Skin Hands down some of the best skin butter I have tried.

Kimberly Lacey

Seal in the Moisture!




Finishing Cream